Custom Online Staff Instruction Manuals


Available at the click of a mouse or scanning a QR Code, making online instruction manuals accessible is easy.

More and more people are downloading their reading material to mobile devices, from novels to magazines, newspapers and everything in between. This opens up a whole new world of exciting possibilities for the kind of instructional materials you can provide. Creating online instructions manuals that are accessible and readable is important and this is something Mediacaster can do for organisations of all sizes and across all industries, right across Australia.

Your own customers are probably already searching for digital instruction manuals and implementation guides online, particularly when they need quick access to information about your product or service. With a simple click of the mouse or by scanning a QR code, the customer can download as many online instructions manuals as they need to their laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Mediacaster can design content that will:

  • Be downloadable or available online only
  • Be accessible by simply scanning a QR Code via a mobile device
  • Contain fields that are interactive
  • Make the “written” text come alive on the page, using animations, audio, even video

We can also create custom staff instruction manuals that can be downloaded for use in staff induction programs. You’ll be able to provide the comprehensive information you need in an employee manual without the reams of paper it would otherwise require to produce in hard copy form. Online custom staff instruction manuals provide a sustainable way forward for introducing new starters to your organisation.

If you need digital publications to supplement your product or interactive e-Learning programs, we can help you decide which options fit best. Contact us via our enquiry form or give us a call today on 02 9114 9998 or 1300 55 66 92 for a no-obligation conversation and discover the right digital product for your organisation.


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